Tuition for this 9 week course is $400 for one dog, fully refundable until three days before class. (This is to hold your spot in the class; otherwise we could offer it someone else. You may reserve a spot in the next session, but you cannot receive a refund.) The class meets once a week for two hours. Payment is accepted by U.S. Mail, in person on the first day of class, and through our website via PayPal on the next screen after filling out the form below. There is a small additional fee for PayPal processing.

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Please enroll me in the next 9 week session of the Scotch Pines Dog Training, Specializing in Off-Leash Obedience, class.

• My $400 payment option, fully refundable until three days before class, will be selected on the next screen.

• I have the right to expect the trainer, Stephanie Hostetter, to do all in her power to ensure the safety of handlers and dogs. However, I free her, and any other parties associated with this class, should any unforeseen accident occur.

• My submission of this form constitutes a non-compete agreement. I will not use any information for monetary gain, or share it with others as I recognize it is proprietary information.

• Scotch Pines Dog Training, Specializing in Off-Leash Obedience is secure, and will not, under any circumstances, share my information with other parties.

After completing your registration, please download the First Class Instructions and the Handler's Manual from our brochures page so that you know what to expect on your first day.

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